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The Future of Work in Construction Live

4th May 2022 | LONDON, EXCEL 

In partnership with

Welcome to the Future of Work in Construction

Driving sustainability in the UK’s construction and infrastructure environment

As the nation recovers from the impact of the recent crisis, the industry’s commitment to its 2030 innovation and sustainability goals are under pressure. Construction and civil engineering is an engine for the UK economy. The social and economic downturn arising from the pandemic brings big challenges for all companies working in the construction and infrastructure sector. How can we create a better future for our workforce, explore the convergence of labour, technology and sustainability and address key business and soft issues affecting the industry today?

2022 Speakers

More speakers will be added weekly
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The Future of Work in Construction (FWC) is a professional network for those committed to share knowledge, exchange ideas and drive social, environmental and economic change in the construction and civil engineering sector.

We believe the future of work in construction has to be 

  • smarter

  • greener

  • inclusive

Our mission and responsibility

To inspire people, build social, environmental and economic sustainability in the construction supply chain, and secure a prosperous future for people and the planet, while future-proofing businesses for growth 

Our strategy

Through our online network and events enhance collaboration, equip followers with knowledge and partnership with governments, businesses and communities for a better world

Our vision

Create a roadmap to a sustainable future for construction, unlock potential and new opportunities for growth in the industry and help construction businesses to thrive

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If you are interested in supporting this initiative, super-powering the drive of our campaign or becoming a partner for our future events please get in touch here

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By supporting FWC, your organisation will: 

be positioned as a catalyst for change and a strategic driver in our movement to accelerate sustainable goals and shape the future of work in construction

champion equality, develop inclusive solutions and help people of all abilities to grow and reach their potential

be known as an advocate of sustainable leadership

play an instrumental role in bringing a knowledge and a financial contribution in order to build our educational and professional development agendas for a healthier, safer, more inclusive, sustainable industry and change the face of our future

We offer different partnership schemes. To find out more about partnering and how to get involved, please contact us on info@futureofworkinconstruction.com

Why Sponsor?

Why Attend

Business insights

Foster insights required to address the key challenges facing the industry in the UK


Meet, connect and collaborate with like-minded professionals from the UK private and public sectors 


Share knowledge, learn from others and become thought leaders

Career progression

Advance your career and up-skill in the construction industry and be able to reach your ambition 

Innovate and Pioneer

Create memories and experiences that will shape your well-being, safety and resilience

Make a change

Accelerate equality in the workplace and drive change


Nurture and support the young as they take their first steps into their future and encourage them to dream big


Benefit from online live and on-demand events addressing the latest issues of the industry in sustainability



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